IntelliPeak recognizes the significant effect that hackers or insider threats can have on an organization, which is the reason our team insists on staying one step ahead of the threat vectors by leveraging different cybersecurity solutions to detect and prevent advanced threats from compromising your organization’s valuable information. IntelliPeak’s team can provide recommendations on the best cybersecurity solutions that can help your organization defend against advanced persistent threats, detect anomalies using security analytics, comply with industry mandates, automate processes, and secure devices across the network.

The rapid evolution of technology and the increasing use of remote networks, mobile devices, and cloud-based solutions to store, access, and transmit data creates a critical need to stay ahead of threats. IntelliPeak provides recommendations for cybersecurity solutions that can include computer and network design, implementation, mobile device and BYOD policies, and operations of the selected cybersecurity solutions that will meet your organization’s requirements.

IntelliPeak can help your organization achieve an innovative approach to threat management that takes into consideration the readiness, awareness, defense, analytics, and response to your cybersecurity challenges and requirements. Additionally, our team can provide multi-vendor security solutions that provides a cybersecurity reference architecture that combines network access tools, aggregated sensor data, threat feeds, and security analytics.

IntelliPeak Solutions, Inc. Special Announcement

Effective October 1, 2023, IntelliPeak Solutions, Inc. will be closing business operations. It has been a pleasure working with our previous and current customers to support their complex mission and business objectives. We wish you all the best in your future endeavors!

~ The IntelliPeak Solutions Team

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