Business Process Optimization – Includes identification and clarification of an organization’s strategic focus and long-term desired outcomes while assessing current operational status and risks to ensure an effective roadmap of change is developed. By ensuring an appropriate strategic roadmap is developed and implemented, an organization will be able to successfully translate their desired strategy and desired outcomes into the daily operations of the organization.

Network Assessment Services – Includes enterprise network assessments and analysis to determine baseline network performance, configuration, and technical recommendations that will enable better mission outcomes or more effective business results.

Security Assessment Services – Includes enterprise-wide security assessments and analysis to determine the potential weaknesses that cyber-based threats might exploit or where security vulnerabilities might originate from within the enterprise architecture.

Data Center Architecture Services – Includes an assessment to determine a data center’s current power, cooling, and floor-space requirements so that recommendations can be made to reduce CAPEX/OPEX spending within the data center. Additionally, both server and storage virtualization assessments and recommendations can be provided.

Hardware or Software Implementation Services – Includes an assessment to provide the scope and level of effort required for either short-term or long-term implementation and support services for different hardware and software solutions.

Systems Integration Services – Includes the ability for the IntelliPeak Solutions team to leverage multiple, disparate systems and integrate or enhance them to deliver new mission or business capabilities.

Voice, Video, and Conference Room Services – Includes full-scale secure voice, video, and conference room or command center implementations.  The IntelliPeak Solutions team is capable of providing quality and timely replacement or new installation of IP-based or other video conferencing and digital signage technologies.  From conference room or command center design requirements (including secure facilities), we are committed to making sure our customer’s objectives are completely satisfied from a voice and video hardware/software, and end-user experience perspective. Click HERE for more information.

Event and Conference Planning Services – The IntelliPeak Solutions team provides high-quality planning for events or conferences.  Our team has an excellent background in planning both small and large scale corporate and Government events, which includes not only coordination services for accommodations and catering, but also on-site supervision and direction to ensure the success of any event.  Our team emphasizes high-value and best-in-quality services for the entire life cycle of an event or conference.

Training Services – Based on the multiple relationships and partnerships we have throughout the Information Technology industry, the IntelliPeak Solutions team can help create a custom training plan or provide an existing training curriculum for several different hardware and software solutions.

For a list of the IntelliPeak Solutions, Inc. Commercial Labor Rates, click here.