Relationship Mapping Solutions and Services – IntelliPeak Solutions, Inc. offers a unique relationship mapping solution and services that will help Law Enforcement and Special Operations personnel quickly and effortlessly build a visual representation of a suspect’s or target’s communications network. For example, if Law Enforcement or Special Operations personnel seize a suspect’s cell phone or laptop, IntelliPeak can provide the solution that exploits all of the contact information and network of relationships from those devices in order to provide actionable intelligence.

Business/Mission Intelligence Dashboards – Regardless of the data source coming in to other information systems, IntelliPeak Solutions, Inc. personnel can provide solutions that link to those data sources and create custom, publishable dashboards, based on specific Community of Interest concerns that will greatly enhance and accelerate the decision-making and intelligence sharing process. This solution seamlessly turns terabytes worth of unstructured data into useful, actionable information extremely quickly.

GIS Solutions and Services – Based on the requirement to geolocate either current criminal activity, high or low crime statistics, or hostile forces, IntelliPeak Solutions, Inc. offers several solutions that will help you map the location or target of interest using the best GIS mapping solution for your environment.

Specialty Hardware/Software Solutions and Services – Based on the extensive understanding and knowledge IntelliPeak Solutions, Inc. personnel have with the Law Enforcement and Special Operations communities, we can help recommend, design, and integrate commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) solutions that could be forward-deployed in another country or placed in an area where domestic communications capabilities are limited.

Insider Threat Solutions and Services – From a cybersecurity perspective, IntelliPeak Solutions, Inc. is currently working with several customers to provide dedicated, Insider Threat monitoring, auditing, and alerting solutions in order to protect proprietary or classified data. When those Insider Threat qualifications and past performance are combined with the solutions we use to provide real-time network and device end-point visibility, organizations receive world-class cybersecurity protection throughout their enterprises.

Application Performance and Secure Information Sharing Solutions and Services – IntelliPeak Solutions, Inc. offers several solutions and services that can significantly enhance application performance in a limited bandwidth environment. Additionally, the IntelliPeak team offers solutions and methods that can allow Law Enforcement or Special Operations groups to securely exchange, audit, monitor, and control information dissemination to only those other trusted partners or personnel within a specific user-defined Community of Interest across any computer or mobile platform.